the Meuniers eco-neighbourhood

Bessancourt / Val d’Oise (95)
Grand Paris Aménagement
design of the urban project + architectural coordination + design of public spaces
65.000 sqm of housing over 24 ha + 2,000 sqm of shops + 45.000 sqm of activities + 2,000 sqm of public facilities
cost of public spaces
14 M€
30 ha
Richez_Associés + Coulon Leblanc & associés, then Bruel Delmar + Setu + 8’18’’

sustainable approach
_ density: 47 dwellings / hectare
_ development and management of rainwater
_ mixed-use development, diversity, socialization (quality of life in the neighbourhood)
_ transport / soft modes around the Transilien station
_ bioclimatic design of the mass plan

Richez Associes - the Meuniers eco-neighbourhood - 1
Richez Associes - the Meuniers eco-neighbourhood - 2
Richez Associes - the Meuniers eco-neighbourhood - 3
Richez Associes - the Meuniers eco-neighbourhood - 4

An ambitious eco-neighbourhood project, the Meuniers district is shaped by the great elements that characterize the Bessancourt landscape: the talweg (main waterway) and the main path. The building is organized around existing vegetation, quality of life and views from the housing units, in various typologies, carefully composed, from the individual to the small collective unit and compact households. A lively major public space and a public passage under the railroad link the neighbourhood with the town.