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From small to large scale, restore the water cycle and install green networks to benefit all living creatures.

The struggle against the collapse of urban biodiversity constitutes a major ecological issue and a priority challenge to which the Richez_Associés architects, planners and landscape architects endeavour to provide the most appropriate solution in each situation.

With this objective, we are extensively increasing vegetation, in particular trees, within the projects confided to us through ground permeability, rainwater infiltration and the development of fertile technosols. Whenever possible, we endeavour to relate our proposals to the major green and blue networks within the region in support of ecological corridors. An even more ambitious project, we adapt our plant selection to the effects of climate change in anticipation of changes in the seasons and the arrival of new insect pests.

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« Managing, controlling and proper use of rainwater, potentially groundwater and grey water, makes it possible to reintroduce, reactivate natural metabolisms within cities. Metabolisms that produce, among other things, biodiversity and urban cooling. »