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Low-carbon transportation

Give priority to pedestrians and soft transportation in our public space projects to facilitate the transition to low-carbon transport.

Future development of motorways, expressways and streets constitutes a major challenge for ecological, urban and social change within regions.

Since founded in 1985, Richez_Associés has become a leader in the design of  transport facilities giving priority to soft modes, urban quality and activities, ecological performance. Convinced that future means of transport should transform the city, in 2019 the practice with Transitec led studies undertaken by the Holos collective, appointed by the Forum Métropolitain du Grand Paris for an extensive international consultation to study the future of motorways within the region.

In 2020 with Leonard (Vinci think tank) and Franck Boutté Consultant, Richez_Associes initiated research with a large team of professionals and regions on the rehabilitation of the ordinary urban street - la rue commune - post-car, post-carbon and post-covid now funded by ADEME.

Low-carbon transportation rue_visuel-rue

« La rue commune provides interdisciplinary research of the “sustainable” street of tomorrow. Focusing on the street scale opens up a range of possible solutions to reduce the impact of climate change (transportation) but also adaptation (urban cooling, etc.). Designing the “ordinary” street of tomorrow opens up possibilities in terms of low impact solutions and adapting to climate change. »