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Paris Santé Cochin Incubator

The Paris Santé Cochin incubator is part of 100,000m² dedicated to innovative businesses in Paris.

The project is focused on health and biotechnology.

Co-founded by Paris Descartes, ESSEC, Centrale Paris and INSERM, jointly financed by Ministère de la Recherche, Ville de Paris and Région Ile de France, Paris Biotech Santé has been operating an incubator for innovative companies specialised in the development of medicine, medical devices and innovative services to benefit patients. Although still at the project stage, it provides companies with offices, services and advice.

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7,000m² accommodate 25 start-up companies

Completed 2007, the first phase was entirely located on the hospital site. Like a campus, the site accommodates buildings with different architectures, each indicative of its era.

The second phase at the front of the site on Rue de la Santé gives the building a different aspect.

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Animated by setbacks that play with the perspectives, the complex building shape is expressed as an interlocking volume. In extension of the satin copper clad first phase at ground level, is a volume in contact with the sky - clad in white glass, both smooth and reflective, punctuated with yellow blades.

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The second phase introduces a new element within the incubator - a 4-level central atrium. One of its walls, a first phase elevation retains its reflective copper panels.

 The atrium has a lobby on the ground floor, a central place conducive to encounters, an essential component in a research facility at this scale.

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The two floors above the atrium extend in corbel above a terrace in the first phase, unsupported by the existing building.

 Despite the atrium void, the research facility provides the floor space required by the programme.

On Rue de la Santé, the building sits on a millstone base in extension of the site boundary wall. Maintaining views of the Val de Grace chapel, it is setback from the third floor on Rue de la Santé where an extensively planted deck is located.

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In compliance with Parisian planning regulations, planting makes it possible to store and evaporate rainwater, without discharging it into storm water drains. Moreover, it provides researchers with a very pleasant outdoor space with a breathtaking view of the Val de Grace dome.

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Phase 1: 2002 design competition – 2007 completion / Phase 2: September 2013 design competition - April 2017 completion


Hôpital Cochin - Paris 14ème


Département de Paris



Biotechnology research incubator facility with L1, L2 and L3 laboratories


3.530 m² + 3.780 m²


6,2 M€ + 8 M€

Lead consultant


Design team

Richez_Associés / BECT + Clima+ + SE&ME (phase 1) / Y ingénierie + Altia acoustique (phase 2)

Sustainable development

Abundant daylight + solar heat gain in atrium + acoustic insulation + construction on occupied site + vast planted deck + rainwater absorption onsite


Georges De Kinder