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Manoeuvre logistics

The army loves acronyms: the ZED is the equipment and demobbing facility for 250 armoured vehicles and 1,000 men participating in electronically instrumented combat exercises.

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The new anthracite grey steel and timber buildings provide personnel, who ensure deployment, reintegration and repair of equipment, with work and storage facilities that allow seamless rapid combat preparation.

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Visible legible supporting structures in elevation express the precision and modernity of a site used by armies from all over the world.

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April 2019 competition winner - September 2022 completion


Sissonne (02)


Etat – Ministère des Armées, Établissement du Service d’Infrastructure de la Défense (ESID) de Metz


7 equipment and storage buildings, ncillary roads and car parks


9.857 m²


20,5 M€

Design team

Richez_Associés + TPF ingénierie + Prima ingénierie