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Le Grand Marché

Destroyed by fire 1998, the Bouaké Central Market site was abandoned, permitting precarious development of makeshift sheet metal stores in the adjoining area.

The project is a challenge; the first in Ivory Coast undertaken by a city acting as client.

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Five distinct parts gave clear understanding of its commercial spaces

The market covers eight hectares with eight thousand traders. Site morphology is that of a labyrinth. Work on its arteries reorientate streets towards the city centre.

 Composition of five distinct blocks with a large hall and three Gbakas bus stations.

Design intent develops the large nave with a steel roof; rooflights and wind towers to provide natural ventilation.

The internal treatment is standard for this type of project. The concrete structure accommodates several businesses.

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Études 2017-2019 design - December 2019 construction commencement - June 2023 completion


Bouaké / Côte d’Ivoire


Ville de Bouaké bailleur de fonds + Agence Française de Développement

Client representative

Urbaplan + AllNext


Architecture and technical design + Bouaké Market contract administration + surroundings and trading area sanitation


8 ha

Lead consultant


Design team

Richez_Associés+ Archi 2000 + Tractebel Engineering + AILP