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La Soufflerie

On Zac Guillaumet in Jolimont, on the site the former Soufflerie site, a new community facility dedicated to street art will open in 2025.

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Emblematic 20th century industrial heritage of Toulouse, the extension and rehabilitation of La Soufflerie will accommodate a mixed and reversible programme. The new community facility will accommodate the street art museum, a multi-purpose space for artistic cultural and sporting events, a health centre, shops and restaurants.

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The extraordinary volume of the rehabilitated and redeveloped Soufflerie prolongs the Toulouse industrial heritage.

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A brick plinth anchors the project within its urban and heritage context, reinterpreting the architectural vocabulary of the Occitania city - Toulouse brick. Overhead on two floors, the museum aligns and extends the Rue d’Alger axis by adopting a slight 7° rotation in relation to its base.

Particular attention was paid to the construction materials of the project. Composed of crushed recycled concrete gabions from onsite demolition, the museum facade was designed in collaboration with the visual artist Erwan Marin in an approach to reuse and recycle existing local resources.

The architectural volumes are linked by a totem of brick and concrete blocks which marks the entrance to the ZAC. Studied and arranged with precision, the terracotta bricks and concrete blocks in different sizes draw an urban picture that combine craft with the poetic dimension of a sensitive artistic and architectural approach.

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Lauréat concours 2023 - Études en cours


Toulouse Métropole

Strategic planner

SNC Toulouse Guillaumet, représentée par Altarea Cogedim et Crédit Agricole Immobilier Promotion


Création d’un musée des arts de la rue dans le cadre d'une extension et réhabilitation de la Soufflerie du CEAT ; Tiers-lieu / mixité programatique : commerces, événementiel et culturel, maison de santé, activités sportives

Design team

Richez_Associés + Erwan Marin