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Porte de la Chapelle Regeneration

A traffic engineering feat in the sixties, this major Paris entry/exit route has become the location of social exclusion and homelessness. The Porte de la Chapelle interchange is a major issue.

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Porte de la Chapelle is located at the junction between the new Arena facility (2024 Olympic Games - 8000 spectators), the Condorcet Campus construction site (2025 - 3500 students), and the ZAC Gare des Mines-Fillettes (150,000m² mixed use district). The development challenge of the 43,000m² site is to transform an environment dominated by road infrastructure into a quality urban, landscaped calm space which gives priority to soft transportation, planted landscaping. An open area which combines monumental vehicle ramps, immense soaring pillars, elongated shelters under the arcades. A hybrid landscape comes to life, both urban hill and planted landscape, a new landmark at an urban scale.

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December 2020 winner tender - March 2021 design stage commenced -Spring 2024 Olympic Games 1st phase completion


Paris (75018)


Ville de Paris


Design and construction of public spaces and infrastructure


Porte de la Chapelle public space regeneration


42.630 m²


7-40m€ (depending on construction phase)

Design team

Arcadis + Richez_Associés + Emma Blanc + Franck Boutté Consultants + Urban Water + Concepto