19 June 2024

"Tramway à la française, De nouvelles frontières" in bookstores !

We are delighted to announce our latest publication: "Tramway à la française, de nouvelles frontières". This insightful book, written by Olivier Namias, features an enlightening foreword by Philippe Close, Mayor of Brussels, who shares his vision of trams as a key element in creating a polycentric, sustainable city. Thomas Richez and Vincent Cottet provide an in-depth, forward-looking analysis of this phenomenon that is reshaping the architecture of public space and continuously changing the face of cities.

To mark this publication, we had the pleasure of chairing the launch event on Wednesday 19 June 2024 at the Centre Pompidou bookshop, where Olivier Namias, Thomas Richez and Vincent Cottet discussed the history of the French tramway. We would like to thank all those who attended for their presence and enthusiasm, which made the evening a great success!

We invite you to dive into this new adventure and discover how the tramway continues to play a key role in the transformation of urban spaces.

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