5 June 2024

The Grésillons metro station on line 15 West!

We are so proud to have won the Grésillons metro station of the line 15 western section, within the design-production consortium led by NGE - BTP/ Webuild /Equans.

This station will be the 5th Grand Paris Express project, after Champigny-Centre and Villiers-Champigny-Bry stations, on line 15-Est, the operation center of Champigny of line 15 and the Massy-Palaiseau station on line 18.

The Grésillons metro station on line 15 West! 03_pers-1

Located in Gennevilliers, at the crossroads of the railways of the C MRT and of the Grésillons avenue, the train station offers a smooth, easy-to-understand route through the building, using natural light as both an architectural element and an indicator of space.

At the heart of the project: a wooden structure topped with a glass roof covers the large descent area, allowing light to flow down to the platforms along their raw concrete walls.

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