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ZAC Saint Martin du Touch

The existing natural park atmospheres along the Touch riverbank. Woods, meadows, light and water already exist. They should be respected.

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On the one hand, it’s giving new life and a finality to the vast Air Bus subcontractor industrial zone and on the other, to develop a link to the train station and new neighbourhood under construction on the other side of the rail tracks.

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The central park, major public space determines traffic circulation, urban forms and views from the site towards the train station and its shopping precinct. Pedestrian routes and secondary roads link the park to the existing city.

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Our proposal maintains the estate by developing one-off interventions - redeveloping the route along the water edge based on former paths to reveal as closely as possible the river, punctuating the route with events while giving access to the water edge.

The park is developed with respect for the site and its existing landscape. Some punctual developments underscore its status as a new public garden and make it possible to channel uses.

The rest of the site remains untouched, only clearing work necessary to secure the woodlands site.

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2012-23 design - under construction


Toulouse (31)




Master plan + ZAC development monitoring + public spaces project architect


Reconcile natural zone/city. Punctual operations, respect of former paths. Opening up, soft traffic circulation


64 ha


46m€ publics spaces

Design team

Richez_Associés + Sathy + Polyprogramme + Arcadis

Sustainable development

gas absorption heat pump on geothermal probes + existing building retained