5 Dec 2022

Newsletter n°45

Innovation, innovation…

The key word in the fashionable "magic words", identified by Stéphanie Sonnette in a Criticat publication, innovation is a trick word for us designers.

Jean-Louis Missika very clearly indicated in the first instance of Réinventer Paris - the initial call for innovative projects. He called for innovation in uses, programmes, undertaking operations, no doubt in the aesthetics of these new buildings and, in reality, secondarily if at all, in construction techniques.

Accordingly, let’s forget the competitions that expect architects to supply innovative solutions in their proposals... Delivering a building or a development with a ten-year guarantee cannot be invented just like that and any disruption to be avoided! The DTU oversees, ATEX or construction authorisations are closely supervised, never free of charge nor guaranteed...
And let’s be aware that the norm RE2020, now in application, is the world leader in the demand for environmental quality. Let's be proud of it and take note that, beyond the calls for innovative projects, it drives us to devise constructive solutions…
It is a question, and it will be increasingly a question, of making the most of the existing built environment, whether retaining the building structure or using recycled materials - and as the carbon footprint requires - built using timber extensively and bio sourced materials, when possible. Indeed, standard solutions no longer apply and should be reviewed.

Accordingly, let's deploy solutions that have recently arrived on the market, reconfigure the components that determine building performance - be agile, enlightened and creative - in short, let's be designers!

Is it innovation?
No - if to invent new materials, new procedures.
Yes - in the design methodology and implementation of the project. The challenge is significant enough for the Richez_Associés lab to work seriously on it. First, let's be certain of the quality of our monitoring of the new uses, participatory project procedures, regional strategies, new products on the construction market but, above all, at the core of our business. Let's explore climate change forecasts to adjust our planting schedules to 2050 local conditions, redeploy thermal software to support bioclimatic design right from the sketch design, to measure the carbon load of our architecture with increased precision during each stage and better collaborate with our partners...

Is it innovation?
Actually, not that much! It's more about being relevant in our proposals and really accomplishing our assignment. Come on! If everyone wants to hear the word innovation, let's keep it simple, use it with full awareness of what it implies in our specific role as the designer!

Proposals and competitions gallery

­Sustained activity in our two Architecture studios - in Bois-Colombes, with Chantiers Modernes (VINCI group), we propose to the City a gymnasium with a large timber structure that hovers above its base. Unfortunately, an existing house located on the site had to be demolished. Its bricks will be reused to warmly line an interior street.

On the two northern sections of the Grand Paris Express, the competitive exchange continues. We support the NGE/Webuild consortium and work on the Grésillons and Drancy-Bobigny stations, under the supervision of Céline Abergel.

­At the same time, housing projects advance in Antibes, Louviers and Fort-de-Buc. In the last two projects, the sites have beautifully planted areas. As our project in Bessancourt, we designed an inhabited forest project - in the meantime, two major projects have recently been confided to our Paysage and Mobilités studios.

Epernay transportation hub

With Cereg Pays de Champagne, EODD Ingénieurs Conseils, Coup d’Éclat workshop and Transitec, we have recently been declared winners of the Epernay transportation hub project.

Make way for plants and living things - buses turn left around a large garden with banks that form quays.

Delivery expected 2025!

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Le Havre tramway

Operating as Salamander - the Artelia + Richez Associés + Attica consortium has recently been awarded the tramway extension that comprises a 3.5km southern branch and a 10.5km northern branch. It uses part of the existing Lézarde railway line to Montivilliers. In plan, the extended network will trace a very beautiful salamander - the emblem of François Premier, founder of the city!
To be delivered 2027, it’s the 15th tramway line undertaken by Richez_Associés. Generous planting and concrete slabs à la Perret will render it as a green and blond tramway.

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Project news

ZED Service and Post operations Zone

Developed for the Ministry of  Defence Infrastructure Service - the service and post operations zone, ZED was delivered last October. A building estate that provides vehicles and personnel with the necessary services for departure duly equipped and subsequently on return from operations, after the equipment has been used.
The ZED configuration provides vehicles and personnel optimised, intuitive and secure circuits that respond to the large volumes to be handled with high levels of safety for both people and property.
Hangers are lined with anthracite grey sheet metal, fins overhang gables clad in timber and a large translucent awning house tanks - a legible, precise, durable architecture that projects the ZED in the image of French defence forces.

Newsletter n°45 sis

Border and ZAN in Caen-Nord-Oue

Recently approved, the strategic plan for the planning and development of Caen-Nord-Ouest stems from a profoundly new approach. It implements the land use plan required in the ZAN objective. Accordingly, it extensively protects agricultural land by planting a fixed, multiple border which limits urban sprawl, deploys ecological connectors and meets the need for housing with a slight increased density of the recent neighbourhoods. Activities are also expected to increase in density or to develop moderately using models inspired by the farmyard - pooling parking lots, delivery areas… and natural spaces!

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